54: Delamination performed on glulam according to prEN 391-method B, January 2001, final draft

Forfatter: Martin Kemmsies, Per Lind
Rapport 54, 2002
44 s.
200,- (Gratis for medlemmer)

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Rapport 54.pdf


The aim of this proposal is to perform round-robin tests carried out with EN 391 (method B) to improve the evaluation with glulam material manufactured with MUF adhesives. This can improve the reproducibility of the test results of EN 391-B within the Nordic test institutes, as well as in the glulam industry, which uses this important production standard on a daily basis.

After the first round of tests, the results were analysed, and after suggested modifications of the test method, a second round-robin test with a more precise evaluation definition was carried out. The results provide the basis for a more reliable EN 391-B. Results can also improve the evaluation results of EN 302-2, which also deals with delamination and classifies the adhesive performance.

Suggestions for improving the present wording of the standard are also given.