Development of multi-layer solid wood wall panel in climate smart packaging

21. mars 2023

The company “LTD NDB timber" will in cooperation with the Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology (Norsk Treteknisk Institutt) develop a multi-layer wall panel of solid hardwood for interior application and introduce it to the production.

The project "Introduction of an innovative and environmentally friendly product into production” is conducted in cooperation with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (contract number NP-2021/2).

The purpose of the project is to introduce a new product into production of LTD NDB timber, reducing the environmental impact.

In the course of the project with NDB Timber, the Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology will support the product development of a multi-layer wall panel product both theroretically by consulting and practically by physical product testing.

A systematic review of the production process and production parameters will be the basis for recommendations to avoid material deformation prior to and after flatwise gluing of the panel layers. Best practice within the fields of material storage and handling and glueing of multi-layer products will be shared with NDB timber (Task 1).

The company's packaging machine allows to use two different types of wrapping material. Treteknisk will provide a short environmental assessment of these wrapping materials based on documentation provided by NDB timber and identify the material with the best environmental profile (Task 2).

Once the product is developed by NDB timber, samples will be sent to Treteknisk for documentation of the dimensional stability. For this, the new multi-layer product and a traditional product will be compared to different climates in a climate chamber. The test protocoll has been long established at Treteknisk and is used to test the dimensional stability of wall panelling and parquet flooring under indoor climatic conditions typical for the nordic countries. Product deformations will be measured and recorded as bases for the final comparison between the products. Recomendations for further product optimization will be given based on experience from other projects within flooring and furniture production (Task 3).

The project implementer LTD "NDB timber" (registration number: 55403014471, legal address: Mālu street 8, Jēkabpils, the Republic of Latvia), and the project partner, Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology (Treteknisk) (registration number: 967790672, legal address: Børrestuveien 3, 0373 Oslo, Norway), cooperate in the implementation of the project “Norwegian Financial Instrument 2014-2021 Period Program “Entrepreneurship Development, Innovation and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”.

The agreement number among Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and the project implementer is Nr. NP-2021/2.

The total volume of the project is 1 245 661,61 EUR, where 15 000 EUR are dedicated to the Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology to provide knowledge transfer activities to the project implementer which are necessary for the introduction of a new product and technology in production and development.




Supported by a grant from the people of Norway

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