57: Evaluation of glulam beams after 6 years exposure to outdoor climate

Forfattere: Birte Pitzner, Arne Rambøl, Per Lind
Rapport 57, 2004
26 s.
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Glulam used in outdoor structures is in danger of developing cracks, with the following threat of water uptake and is therefore highly endangered of rot. If glued structure elements are used in these kinds of surroundings, it has to be assured that the protection against uptake of water is sufficient.

The aim of this project is to evaluate the condition of glulam beams after they have been exposed to outdoor climate for six years. They were installed with a 45° angle facing south, on the roof of Moelven Limtre Agder in southern Norway in 1997.

Based on the investigations and the test results, it can be said that the various impregnation methods and surface treatments have a great influence on the long-time behavior (6 years) of glued laminated timber.

Some treatments were positive for the glue line but negative for the development of wood cracks in the lamellae. Others had a positive influence on the wood but a negative influence on the glue line bonding.